Success Story

Haiti was the first, and certainly will not be the last, of the many countries we are striving to help.We are happy to say that on November 2009, the first packages of W.A.L.A.H donations arrived in Haiti with President Judith Jolicoeur leading the way. We Are Lending a Hand Foundation provided aid to the people of Haiti with great success.

Donations included household items, children’s clothing, toys, food etc. The first packages arrived in Haiti in November 2009. A few months later, on January 12, 2010, disaster struck. Haiti needed help now more

than ever. The earthquake completely devastated the lives of millions of people. It is up to us to help restore and improve the lives of people in Haiti.

This picture was taken April 30, 2011 on a past trip. Mrs. Jolicoeur and Chairman Harry Clark paid yet another successful visit to Haiti with Mascot Jean-Pierre and Abelard Jean-Pierre. Thank you to all of you for making this trip a success.

volunteerOur volunteers don’t get pay. If you look through our album, you will see a group of young people giving back. You would never would of think that they don’t even have themselves by being around them or looking at them but they give what they can in the form of love and time. Our friends Nicole Alexandra Clapp Johnson, Melea Maltba, Courtney Yambo, Mia Nicole Fields-Thornton, Gordon Thornton, Michelle Lee Ann Smith, Jasper Friend, Denise Pierre, Jean Wilner Pierre, Samanth B. Pierre, Jennifer Pelletier, Cheo Martinez, Evelyn Jolicoeur Neel, Mesguerre Stephen toke sometime out of everything that they had going on in their life to giving back to our volunteers. On our next trip our Volunteers will have a game room and movies to watch. p.s. they may not understand what the people our saying but laughter is the universal language. Email us at to find out how to be a part. Thank you much love.

When listing to another persons problems, most often we say, “I know how you feel.” We really don’t know how they feel. How about, ” I think I know how you feel.” Think has more truth than Know. Wednesday, Feb 29, 2012 Volunteers.

We Are Lending a Hand, Inc.