Our team

Judith Jolicoeur

Judith Jolicoeur is the CEO and Founder of WALAH. She is a Haitian native whose lifelong dream has always been to provide help to those who are less fortune. Ever since she founded WALAH in 2009 in Charlotte, NC under the vision of helping those who weren’t afforded government support, she has spent much of her time doing all that is necessary to run the non-profit organization.


Qui’Aaja Royster

Qui’Aaja Royser is the assistant to the CEO of Walah based out of Charlotte, NC. She is currently a junior at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She enjoys helping others and seeing the bright smiles on their faces.

Belanne Jean-Pierre

Belanne Jean-Pierre is the treasurer and the social media director of WALAH. She is also an entrepreneur with a Bachelor’s degree in English. She has always dreamed of being involved with an organization where the less fortunate is truly the focal point. She is also the owner of Belle Beauté LLC and the owner of Speak Up B! Where her main focus is to help bring out the true beauty in women. Her lifelong dream has always been to work for the well-being of others and she wishes to continue to do so for as long as she can.


Emmanuel Jean-Pierre

Emmanuel Jean-Pierre is an executive assistant and the project coordinator for WALAH in Haiti. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Programming and has been part of the WALAH team since 2010 with the objective of using WALAH as a source of aid for people who are less fortunate in Haiti.

Samantha B. Pierre

Bin’ntu Samantha Pierre is an executive assistant of Walah since May 6, 2011, based out of Florida. Samantha graduated with her associate degree in arts. Born and raised in Haiti, this native loves helping her country and the less fortunate

Jean Wilner Pierre

Jean Wilner Pierre, the C.O.O. of Walah, has been with Walah since May 6, 2011 . He is a retired professor who once worked as a French professor for the College Roger Anglade. Jean Wilner Pierre also worked in Ethnologue-Juriste as a professor of Lettres au Lycée Toussaint Louverture.

Marie Denise Pierre

Marie Denise Pierre is the book keeper of Walah and has been with Walah since May 6, 2011. Although she is now retired, Marie Denise Pierre was the Principal of L’ecole Nationale de Sybert, a professor at Lettres Au Lycée de Thomazeau, and at Lettres Au Lycée des Jeune Filles de Port-au-Prince.

Lauren Wilson

Lauren is the volunteer coordinator for Walah. She had a passion for traveling and helping others in her free time. Lauren love animals, recently graduated with bachelor degree in International business from Winthrop University.