As a non-profit organization, one of our main focus is to ensure that the children we seek to assist get a fair chance at getting an education. These less fortunate children have little to no access to school supplies, hence why it is almost impossible for them to get an education. They are part of communities who do not have the means necessary to provide them with the schools, tools, and educators needed to ensure that they receive a fair chance at being educated. It is even harder for these children to get an education because the schools in Haiti are private; this is a huge problem because none of these kids’ parents and/or guardians can afford the very basic necessities for life let alone school payments. Knowing this, we here at WALAH decided to launch our Schools and Education Project.

Our Schools and Education Project mainly focuses on providing better education facilities, well qualified educators, uniforms, and school supplies for these less fortunate children in Haiti. This year is our second year of launching the Schools and Education Project and we have already taken the steps necessary to provide 200 students with their school uniforms by September 7th 2015; which is when the school year starts in Haiti. Along with the uniforms, our goal is to provide 1000 students with school supplies which we are in dire need of your help with. Providing these students with school supplies will ensure that they will have the tools necessary to get an education. Since it is merely impossible for them have access to these supplies, your organization’s involvement will be more than helpful. We thank you in advance for your time and your welcomed supports in helping us lend a hand to these less fortunate children.

For Walah school program, you can sponsor a child school for the year, a uniform or two for that child and even sponsor a Teacher or two for the year. If you can only help by sponsoring a uniform that’s great! The cost for each are below. Thank you for your support.

School Fees For Students and Teachers
No Description Grade Level Monthly Salary Paid Number of Months Fees per year
1. Students Preschool to 6th Grade 80 $ Ht 10 800 $ Ht
$90 US
2. Professors Preschool to 6th Grade 800 $ Ht 10 8000 $ Ht
$900 US