Get Involved


Since January 12, 2010, there has been a great deal of support and donations. Walah would like to keep moving forward as support will be targeted at remote areas unmentioned on news outlets, leaving these individuals with little or no support. These areas include but are not limited to: Jandeny, Negriel, Acacia, Charon, Lacouture, Grand-Berard, Difrinne, Bornaud, and Digue Lestere. Cash donations can be made to Walah through Paypal.

Become a volunteer

Volunteers are needed in both the U.S. and Haiti. Walah’s volunteer program is similar to the Peace Corp. but utilizes more of the buddy system approach as everyone living in the area is encouraged to help. We ship clothing, shoes, and other necessities as well as send cooks, contractors, and others. Volunteers do not receive monetary compensation but the reward of helping others is indescribable. Volunteers are responsible for his or her own flight to Haiti. Room and board, transportation and fun activities will be provided by Walah. Any expenses occurred during or in relation to volunteering is tax deductible.

Donate a bicycle!

We are having a drive so we can provide transportation.Why bikes? Bicycles are important in the way that they will be providing the people a form of transportation, that is both easy and inexpensive.